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Traditional Dress

The traditional dress of Mangalore, like many other regions in South India, reflects the cultural heritage and diversity of the area. The traditional attire for men in Mangalore includes the following:


1.    Mundu: Mundu is a white or off-white cotton dhoti worn by men. It is a long rectangular cloth that is wrapped around the waist and extends till the ankles. It is typically paired with a matching or contrasting shirt.

2.    Panche/Kacche: Panche or Kacche is a traditional lower garment similar to a dhoti but with pleats tucked in the front. It is usually made from white cotton fabric and worn for special occasions and festivals.

3.    Angavastram: Angavastram is a long piece of cloth that is draped over the shoulder. It is often made of silk and is worn over the shirt as an additional layer.

4.    Shawl: In colder weather or for more formal occasions, men may wear a shawl known as a shalya or patteda anchu. It is draped over the shoulder and provides warmth.