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Papad, Sandige & Curd Chilly

Papad, sandige and curd chilly   are popular food items from the region of Mangalore, located in the state of Karnataka, India.


 Papad , also known as papadums or appalams, are thin, crispy Indian crackers made from lentil, rice, or chickpea flour. In Mangalore, papad  is a traditional snack that is commonly prepared during the summer season when there is an abundance of sunlight for drying. The dough is prepared using various ingredients like black gram flour, rice flour, salt, cumin seeds, and sometimes spices like red chili powder or pepper are added for flavor.


Sandige onion and garlic are variations of papad sandige, which are popular in certain regions of India. These variations add the flavors of onion and garlic to the traditional papad sandige, resulting in a unique and tasty snack.


Curd chilli, also known as yogurt chilli or dahi mirch, is a popular Indian snack or side dish that combines the coolness of yogurt (curd) with the spiciness of chillies. It is a simple and refreshing dish that is easy to prepare.