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Patoli or Gatti  is a traditional festival food that is popular in the coastal regions of Karnataka, including Mangalore.  Patoli is not only delicious but also carries cultural significance and is often considered an offering to deities during festivals. The combination of the sweet coconut-jaggery filling and the delicate rice dough steamed in a turmeric leaf makes Patoli a unique and cherished delicacy of the coastal Karnataka region.  Patoli is typically prepared and served during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi or Nag Panchami.



          Khotto Moulds :

In Karnataka cuisine, "kotte" refers to a traditional cooking utensil or a steaming vessel made from a specific type of leaf. It is commonly used to prepare a popular dish called "kotte kadubu" or "kotte idli."  Kotte Kadubu is a steamed dumpling or idli that is cooked in a cylindrical-shaped container made of a Jackfuit tree  leaf. The leaf is shaped into a cup or cone-like structure, creating a mold for the dumpling batter. The batter is poured into the kotte, and then it is steamed until the dumpling is cooked and firm.



            Chandan agarbatti, or sandalwood incense sticks, are popular not only in South India                  but also throughout the country. Sandalwood has a rich fragrance and is widely used in              religious rituals, meditation practices, and for its aromatic properties. In South India,                    especially in states like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, sandalwood              has a significant cultural and religious significance. Chandan agarbatti made from                        sandalwood is commonly used in temples, households, and during religious

            ceremonies     and festivals.



In Mangalore, the term "Mallige flower" typically refers to the local variety of Jasmine, also known as "Mangalore Mallige." The Mangalore Mallige flower is a popular and highly prized flower in the region for its fragrance and beauty. Mangalore Mallige is known for its pure white petals and a strong, sweet aroma. It is widely used in Mangalore for various purposes, including religious ceremonies, Weddings, Baby Shower (Bayke)