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Bayake Sweets & Snacks

A Baby shower ( As called “Bayake” in Mangalore term) is a joyous celebration held to honor an expectant mother and celebrate the upcoming birth of her child. It is a special occasion where family and friends gather to share in the excitement and offer their love, support, and best wishes for the soon-to-be-parents and the baby. Here are some traditional sweets & Snacks that you can consider for a bayake or Baby Shower celebration in Mangalore,   

Bayake Design Chakli:

Bayake Design Chakli is a variant of the popular spiral-shaped Chakli snack. It is made by piping the Chakli dough in intricate designs, giving it an artistic and decorative appearance. The dough is typically made from a mixture of rice flour, gram flour, spices, and sometimes flavored with sesame seeds or cumin seeds. The Chakli is deep-fried until golden brown and crispy.



Malpova, also known as Malpua, is a delicious sweet dish commonly prepared during festive occasions and celebrations. It is popular not only in Mangalore but also in various parts of India. Malpova is essentially a deep-fried pancake made from a batter of all-purpose flour (maida), milk, and sugar.

Mysore Pak:

Mysore Pak is a famous sweet delicacy made from ghee (clarified butter), sugar, and gram flour. It has a dense and crumbly texture and is often enjoyed as a dessert during special occasions.

Coconut Laddu:

Coconut laddu is a sweet made with freshly grated coconut,          sugar, and condensed milk. These round-shaped laddus are easy to make and have a delicious coconut flavor.

Rava Laddu:

Rava laddu, also known as semolina laddu, is made with roasted semolina (rava), sugar, ghee, and flavored with cardamom. These laddus have a delightful texture and are often prepared during festive occasions.